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Nail Treatment Menu

Spa Manicure Bar

Express Manicure: 15
Includes Trim*Shape*Buff * Polish
Classic Manicure: 17
Soak *Cuticle Care*Groom*Shape*Crème massage hands*Polish
Deluxe Manicure: 25
Manicure*Exfoliating Scrubs*Crème Massage*Mask*Warm Towel Wraps* Polish*Almond Spa*Citrus Spa*
Signature Manicure: 30
Manicure*Scented Oils*Exfoliating Scrubs*Masks* Luxurious Massage of arms, elbows, hand & fingers*Warm Towel Wraps*Polish*Electric Mitts*Hot Oil*Energizing Manicure*Shellac Manicure


Spa Pedicure Lounge

Express Pedicure:
Includes Trim*Shape*Buff*Polish
Classic Pedicure: 30
Relaxing warm foot soak*Proper grooming*Crème massage*Polish
Deluxe Pedicure: 40
Relaxing soak*Groom*Scented Oils*Exfoliating Scrubs*Masks*Warm Towel Wraps*Polish*Marine*Mineral
Signature Pedicure: 50
Pedicure*Revitalizing Soaks*Sugar Scrubs*Callous Treatment*Spa Elixirs*Enriched Wraps*Extended Massage*Body Butters*Scented Oils

Manicure: 12
Trim*Shape*Cuticle Care*Moisturizing Massage*Polish
Pedicure: 15
Mani & Pedi: 25
Sanitizing Soak*Trim*Shape*Cuticle Care*Sugar Scrub*Crème Massage*Polish

Gentlemen’s Lounge

Man-i-cure: 18
Tranquilizing Soak*Proper Groom*Cuticle Care*Crème Massage*Clear Coat or Buff & Shine
Pedicure: 30
Sanitizing Soak*Proper Groom* Cuticle Care*Crème Massage*Clear Coat or Buff & Shine


Polish Change: 5
French or American: 5
Callous Treatment: 6
Gently softens tough calluses
Paraffin Dips with pedicure: 10
Hydrates and soothes

Artificial Nail


Pink & White
Full Set: 45
Fill In: 30
Pink Fill: 20
Gel Nails
Powder Full Set: 45
Powder Fill: 30
Silk Nails or Fiberglass
Full Set: 55
Fill In 35
Acrylic Nails
Full Set: 25
French Set: 30
Overlays: 25
Sculptured: 45
Toe Nail: 5
Fill In: 15
Repair: 3^
Removal: 10
Nail Art: 5^
Cut Down: 3^
Polish Change Nails: 8
Polish Change Toes: 10
Full Hand: 45
Piggy Toes: 45
Individual: 10